2B Bio Beauty

Bio Cocoon

The ideal treatment for dry skins. Perfectly hydrated, your skin is more resistant and firmer. The roughness due to dryness gives way to an incredible softness. The wrinkles on your face fade away. Now that it is even, your complexion looks radiant.
  • Continuously hydrates and nourishesh deep into the pore
  • Rejuvenates the intercellular structure and healing
  • Combats free radicals 
  • Strengthens the natural defenses of the skin 
  • Protects against external aggressions (climate changes, pollution) 
  • Evens out the tone and texture of the skin
  • Extreme comfort cream for dry skins. Wonderful melting texture with a highly praised lotus flower fragrance.


    Every morning, apply 2B Bio Cocoon with gentle massaging motions, upwards on your face and neck after the 2B Bio Serum or 2B Bio Oxygel. You may also use it as a mask. In this case, apply a thick layer of the cream: allow it to settle for 10 minutes and remove the surplus (if any!) with a cotton pad moistened with the 2B Bio Douceur toner (softness lotion).

    Key Ingredients:

    • Shea butter: emollient.
    • Allantoin: soothing and anti-irritant.
    • Imperata cylindrica: moisturizing.
    • Vitamin E: antioxidant.
    • Glycerin: moisturizing.
    • Squalane: moisturizing and carrier agent

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