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Radiancy FSD Treatment

An innovative, non-ablative procedure to soften fine lines, even out skin tone, decrease pore size and improve overall skin texture. This advanced, light-based treatment sends gentle pulses of light and heat energy deep into your skin to stimulate collagen re-growth and increase elasticity. Achieve noticeable results without any downtime.
Add to any facial $70 / À la carte $80 / Series of 8 sessions $560

LED Light Treatment

The body converts light energy into cell energy to stimulate the natural repair & rejuvenation process. Improve blood circulation while releasing toxins & cellular imbalances. LED is an excellent option for may skin conditions to help heal wounds & damaged skin, decrease pore size, kill the bacteria that cause acne and increase moisture retention, resulting in a smoother, healthier complexion.
Add to any facial $35 / À la carte $50 / Series of 6 sessions $275


Improve the look & feel of your skin with this resurfacing treatment. Remove dull & dead skin, stimulate the natural production of collagen & elastin and reduce acne scars, sun damage & hyper-pigmentation. The treatment concludes with a soothing finishing mask.
Add to any facial $100 / À la carte $150 / Hands only $50 / Décolleté (chest) $80

Anti-Aging & Resurfacing

Glycolic Treatment

Improve skin tone & the skin’s overall appearance with this naturally exfoliating treatment. Smooth fine lines, improve acne conditions & reduce pigmentation marks plus refresh & brighten any complexion. Glycolic home care is recommended to maintain best results.
Add to any facial $30 / À la carte $55

Oxygen Treatment

Pure medical grade oxygen benefits in slowing the signs of aging & creating healthier, more radiant skin. Infusing pure oxygen into the skin restores & nourishes the complexion. Tiny imperfections are completely smoothed out resulting in an immediate overall glow to the skin.
Add to any facial $50

Enhancer Treatment

A muscle stimulating treatment that encourages muscle toning in the face & neck and allows for deeper product penetration. The production of new collagen & elastin results in a firmer, lifted & tighter appearance. A series of 4 - 6 treatments is recommended.
Add to any facial $40 / À la carte $65

Vibroacoustic Massage

The relaxing wavelengths generated by the 20 Hz Pro can be felt as gentle vibration to the skin. This treatment can assist in reducing stress in the body as well as inflammation resulting in a rejuvenated, lifted and more firm appearance. It can be performed with another treatment or as a stand alone service. This massage offers acoustic drainage, increased product penetration and calming of the skin post procedure. This service can be performed 2 times a week. *Contraindications are pregnancy, active cancer, pacemaker or other implanted devices.
Add to any facial $40 / À la carte $130 / Series of 6 $850

Jet Plasma 

The latest in plasma technology using a direct current that releases 13,000 V of cold plasma and ozone through the subcutaneous tissue. Resulting in improved texture, wrinkle reduction, and overall skin rejuvenation. Results are visible instantly but will continue to improve over a 6-8 week period. Recommended in a series of 6-9 treatments.

Single Treatment $250 / Series of 6 $1,500 / Series of 9 $2,250                                             

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